Alek­san­dra Son­tows­kaThe Beast is my first offi­cially pub­lished game. As an edi­tor and proof­reader I worked on Pol­ish edi­tions of Dogs in the Vine­yard, S/Lay w/Me, Apoc­a­lypse World and few oth­ers. I’m a fem­i­nist and advo­cate for anti-harass­ment poli­cies on big con­ven­tions. I run a blog about indie games (Pol­ish only).

In role­play­ing I love emo­tion­al charged sit­u­a­tions, sexy adven­tures, learn­ing new mechan­ics and playtest­ing.

Kamil Węgrzynow­iczThe Beast is my first offi­cial­ly pub­lished game. I play, run and make games of all kinds, most­ly role­play­ing but I also made board and com­put­er games. I some­times illus­trate and trans­late games and write about them.

I also used to be jour­nal­ist, con­struc­tion work­er, for­tune teller and a post­man.

We’re both design­ers from Poland, part­ners in love, life and games.