Diana Jones Award Nominee

I am proud to say that The Beast was nom­i­nated to Diana Jones Award. As always this year’s nom­i­nees are a diverse cast of games and events. I am floored that our game is com­pet­ing with Gen­Con or Emily Care Boss’s Romance Tril­ogy! Big thanks to all who helped design­ing and pub­lish­ing this game pos­si­ble. Thanks to all who […]

The Beast visits Italy

We are happy to announce that The Beast will be pub­lished in Ital­ian by Nar­ra­tiva. Michela Da Sacco made those sexy illus­tra­tions. Pre­miere of La Crea­tura will be dur­ing Lucca which is — as I under­stand — biggest gam­ing con­ven­tion in Italy.

One hundred Beasts

With the begin­ning of June the 100th Beast found its (her? their?) home. In between we put the print&play ver­sion on Dri­veThru too. Thanks for all com­ments or men­tions about the game — we love hear­ing from you. We were suprised that news about The Beast spread in so many direc­tions. You can see the […]

Say goodbay to Caitlynn’s Beast

It is the last day Cait­lynn had with her Beast, and it is the last day she will pub­lish any­thing in her audio diary. As she wrote: This diary will go away. On Sat­ur­day, March 5th, these audio files will dis­ap­pear, so lis­ten now while you still can. But if you’re wait­ing to hold off on […]

Voyeuristic excitement

First Beasts have found their new homes. Cait­lynn Belle, who adopted one of them, decided to share with us her audio jour­nal, day after day. She was warned by many that it’s not a good idea, so it should be excit­ing! Read and lis­ten on her blog, every­thing is NSFW.

It’s alive!

The Beast is — at last — in pub­li­ca­tion. You may down­load the game here. Remem­ber to log in to see the game (you have to check in to see adult con­tent). We are very happy! Pub­lish­ing this game is a big step and we’re wait­ing for next one.

Under the Veil

Today we get the pho­tos of the proofs from Jason Morning­star (thank you for tak­ing care of our Beast!). Every­thing looks good, so in a week (two at most) The Beast will be on sale on Dri­veThru Cards. Mean­while: admire the beauty.