Say goodbay to Caitlynn’s Beast

It is the last day Cait­lynn had with her Beast, and it is the last day she will pub­lish any­thing in her audio diary. As she wrote:

This diary will go away. On Sat­ur­day, March 5th, these audio files will dis­ap­pear, so lis­ten now while you still can. But if you’re wait­ing to hold off on lis­ten­ing because you’re going to play your­self, fear not! An offer: any­one who buys and plays The Beast can get in touch with me and I will send you the entire audio diary to lis­ten to when­ev­er you’re ready for it. This offer lasts until for­ev­er.

The rest of the world, well. They’ll nev­er know what it’s like, being with the beast. Maybe you and I do. But they, they’ll nev­er know. They’ll nev­er find this diary.

They wouldn’t under­stand.”

Hear­ing Caitlynn’s play was for me a thrilling expe­ri­ence and I am hap­py that she loved and feared being with The Beast. If you liked her art, con­sid­er sup­port­ing her on her Patre­on.