The Beast

The Beast is an unset­tling erot­ic game of imag­in­ing you are hav­ing sex with the Beast — an alien and inhu­man crea­ture — and writ­ing a diary describ­ing your erot­ic encoun­ters, your fears and your anx­i­eties.

The game is played over the course of 21 days. Every day you draw a card with an event or a ques­tion that will stim­u­late asso­ci­a­tions and invite you to vis­it unusu­al and per­verse regions of your imag­i­na­tion, and then you write your thoughts and reac­tions to it in your diary.

The Beast - okładka

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Play­ers: 1
Time: 21 days
up to 30min/day
print: $15+s/h
pdf: $10

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Intend­ed for mature audi­ences

It’s super intense […] You will be sur­prised how it def­i­nite­ly push­es at you and you’ll be sur­prised at how much maybe you don’t know about your­self” — Paul Czege, author of My Life with Mas­ter and The Clay That Woke, playtester

[U]nique in theme and mechan­ics, and extreme­ly ele­gant in imple­men­ta­tion. […] There’s a real strength in lever­ag­ing the med­i­ta­tive patience required to tell your­self a sto­ry over many days. The epis­to­lary for­mat isn’t com­plete­ly new, but the way fic­tion emerges — from the card prompts and from your dirty brain — def­i­nite­ly is” — Jason Morning­star, author of Fias­co and Night Witch­es

Down­load the Instruc­tion and the Beas­t­ion­naire:

Dear Diary,
I keep the Beast in the base­ment and I fuck it hard.
And when its ooze is all over me I’m in heav­en.

Dear Diary,
I have a Beast in my clos­et. And I make love to her from time to time. It’s our sweet lit­tle secret. My friend starts ask­ing me if I’m see­ing some­one and I’m lying, lying all the time.